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Airport, Santiago - Transportation. Transfer services in Santiago, Valparaiso, viña del mar and Ski Resort. We'll pick you up at the airport,  Safe transfer services in Santiago, Viña del Mar y Valparaiso. private service.

Transportation to All Hotels

CHILE Santiago's capital is today one of the most modern cities in Latin America and currently has the second highest per capita income of the region is a financial center for excellence, cultural and political capital. Santiago has many places to visit and tour is located near the ski resorts and Viña del Mar and Valparaiso as the capital of the country and here is where are located the main economic holding companies and therefore it is the right place to develop business. It is a safe city.

Transferchilean transfers it directly to or from the airport of Santiago Chile  to your hotel. We recommend you make reservations with a minimum of 24 hours in advance.

No waiting, no queues, no surprises . I gather you and your guests at the airport in Santiago, Chile, on the date and time. Just off passenger flight with a sign on their behalf.




1 .- Santiago Tour

Santiago tour visiting the main attractions of the capital of Chile. ENFORMA very entertaining and relaxed
start the tour Pick up at your Hotel for our first destination called the Government Palace La Moneda. is the seat of President of the Republic of Chile, Plaza de Armas that arose in conjunction with the founding of the city on February 12, 1541, The Post Office, the Municipality of Santiago, the Metropolitan Cathedral and later visit the Paseo Ahumada is the main commercial center of Santiago here sales prices and rentals of offices are the highest in Latin America. We continue our tour in the Central Market and design the structure was built in Britain was opened in September 15, 1872 Today is the perfect place to have lunch and taste the best seafood of the Pacific here there are a variety of restored to choose then visited the Santa Lucia Hill where from its top we see a complete picture of Santiago ideal place to take pictures of memories and finally end with her ​​transfer to Hotel. 



  • Minibus Transport Tourism
  • Guide
  • Passengers safe

Not included:

  • Services not described in the program.
  • Lunch.

This itinerary is only our suggestion. You can adapt the tour to your preferences, tastes and time.

City tour lasts 4 1 / 2 hours

2 .- Santiago Shopping Tour

Shopping Tour Santiago Chile. Length 1 / 2 day. discounted prices. We start from the hotel, towards the Pueblito Los Dominicans.

The Dominicans. Pueblito Artisans located in the foothills of the mountain range is one of the main attractions of Santiago, because of the historic monument status of the Church because of its beautiful architecture, environment and variety of artistic and cultural produced in the village which brings together the most diverse range of traditional and contemporary crafts Among them there. Jewelry, pottery, retablos, Lamps, Textiles, Metals, Painting, Wood Stone, Leather, Glass and much more. . Pueblito finished our visit we head to the mall Parque Arauco Shopping Center in Las Condes which has over 350 stores, the best national and international brands, can also visit a unique level with 40 stores and home decor . There is also an ice rink and the mall Bowling.En exchange houses there in case you needed to do this operation. There is also a great variety of Restaurant & Cafes, Cinemas, Art Gallery and Theatre. After this visit we went back to his hotel.


This itinerary is only our suggestion. You can adapt the tour to your preferences, tastes and time.

Tour Viña del Mar & Valparaiso

Full day excursion, a trip which is a distance of 120 km between Santiago and Valparaiso & Viña axis of the Sea, arrive first at the port of Valparaíso (legislative capital and main port of the country) declared by UNESCO Cultural Patrimony of Humanity. Valparaíso played an important geopolitical role in the second half of the 19th century, when the city served as an important stopover for ships traveling between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans across the Strait of Magellan. It was always a magnet for European immigrants, built the city inhabitants spontaneously and up the hillsides, making clusters of multicolored houses that defy gravity. Which. Visit on a walk to feel part of the Porteño spirit. Also see the Plaza de la Victoria, Plaza Sotomayor, Monument to the Glorias Navales, 21 de Mayo (Imperdible viewpoint to appreciate the landscape), We will go to the port where cargo ships arriving from around the world with their containers and the magnificent Pacific cruises that travel the road to Viña del Mar, where we stop for lunch (on behalf of passengers) To continue the tour in the City Garden. (so called A Viña del Mar) In this place we will know the Flower Clock, the Casino, the waterfront where we can see the beaches and coastal path to continue to be reborn The spa is one of the favorite summer resorts for visitors from around the world. From this will come back to Santiago by the coastal road.






Pablo Neruda & Island Tour Black & Pomaire

Departure from the hotel toward the Chilean coast, located in Central area until the craft Pomaire Pueblito special recognition for their clay creations. But along with it will find other types of apparel, handicraft artisans themselves which were learned in mostly by family chores which gives them a great feature surrounded by a picturesque and a very special air., Chilean food lunch at a restaurant (on behalf of passengers) Pomaire typical Chilean cuisine famous for its later to continue our route by passing through the resorts of the central zone, to reach the resort of Isla Negra, a favorite of the poet Pablo Neruda. Here we can admire his collection of seashells and figureheads of the poet collected during his travels in various parts of the world together known as the poet lived, knowing your tastes, style and a beautiful panoramic view from the house of the poet to the Pacific Ocean which fills with joy, tranquility and peace. Along with the forests that surround it make it a magnificent and unforgettable tour. Sunset back to Santiago.

1 passenger & 2 & 3 pax pax pax & 4 & 5-7 & 8-14 pax pax
  $ 91,000 $ 48,000 $ 36,000 $ 29,000 $ 25,000 $ 23,000

Chilean peso value - per person


And if you do not give more, just find what is in your hands, to think that love is never in vain. Go ahead without looking back.

Pablo Neruda


Tour Viña Concha y Toro

Concha y Toro Chile, tour starts from the airport or your hotel in Santiago. The transfer has a duration of 40 minutes. To get to the Concha y Toro in Pirque.

Once in the winery located in the Plaza Don Melchor where we will be greeted by a bilingual guide who will invite you to enjoy a panoramic tour of the vineyard of Pirque with a glass of white wine Casillero del Diablo, so you can soak in aromas and flavors that arise step by step in this centennial warehouse. With drink in hand, the visitor participates in a walk through the old park, going back in time to see the house of Pirque, residence of the Concha y Toro family.

Here was born more than 100 years the largest wine company in our country and one of the 10 vineyards in the world. In these vineyards Pirque you will know the development of the vines, their management and technological development that is responsible for its superior performance.


Upon entering the warehouse stores can enjoy an excellent Merlot Casillero del Diablo, while internalized the methodology and materials used in wine production. For the old facilities and witness the legend, Viña Concha y Toro offers a glass of Casillero del Diablo Cabernet Sauvignon, the wine made ​​famous Chilean wine. Includes:

  • Minibus Transport Tourism
  • Bilingual guide Spanish / English.
  • Tickets.

Not included:

  • Services not described in the program.
  • Lunch.



Tour Ski Resorts

Tours and Transfers to the ski resorts


Farellones is 36 km from Santiago, time is 50 minutes.

It lies at a distance of 5 kilometers from La Parva and El Colorado 6 km, from here to Valle Nevado are about 15 minutos.Por which gives a location Privelegiada Farellones
Farellones has on average 80% of clear days with a temperature range from - 22 ° C and 17 ° C that can reach the latter during the month of September.


La Parva and El Colorado
are located in one of the most beautiful places in the Cordillera de los Andes, a distance of about 50 km from Santiago, Chile's capital. La Parva has a privileged view of the valley of Santiago and is one of the largest population centers in winter, since it has a lot of private apartments that are leased.


Portillo is located 165 kilometers from Santiago about 2 hours from Santiago and is located in the middle of the Andes is the oldest ski resort in South America. It has great beauty and a lovely setting. Due to its great infrastructure Portillo is visited by tourists from around the world including sports teams and the Selection of Ski America to name a few.


Valle Nevado is undoubtedly the main ski resort in the Andes and is open all year. Valle Nevado offers the largest ski area in South America. It has a complete entertainment and sporting facilities and a family atmosphere Ski June, July, August, September and October. At a distance of 56 kilometers from the capital Santiago, Valle Nevado Ski has different tracks with varying degrees of difficulty amounting a total of 37 kilometers.


City tour lasts 4 1 / 2 hours

Isla De Pascua

Isla de Pascua, about a thousand years ago across the Pacific Ocean, the Ariki (King's name) HOTU MATUA, from Polynesia to settle in a new land. Which was known as Easter Island, known worldwide as the Navel of the World ¨ ¨.
Located right in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, Easter Island is the largest island in the world island, more than 3,750 km off the coast of Chile, covering an area of 166 km2 and 511 meters above sea level. The island has some of the most advanced cultures throughout Polynesia. CLA is considered as the largest open-air archaeological museum in the world. 

Isla De Pascua
It has a subtropical climate
The temperature fluctuates between 18 º to 27 º (year-round)
Warm waters and beaches of white coral sand which gives them a unique beauty.

He moved from Santiago de Chile to Easter Island:
The trip takes 5 hours.

Mataveri arrive at the airport.

                                                           Isla de Pascua
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                          Tour Atacacama
Travel and Tours in Atacama Chile . the best travel packages and tour programs to this wonderful area of Chile.
in the driest desert in the world.

The Atacama area is located in northern Chile. about 806 km north of the capital Santiago de Chile. has a great elevation, reaching an average of 5,000 m reaching the maximum altitude of the country, the dormant volcano Nevado Ojos del Salado which borders the 6893 m, on the border with Argentina. The predominant climate in the region is desert, which is attenuated from north to south due to increased rainfall. Towards the Andes and the more increasing altitude the weather turns cold desert, reaching tundra features .. On the coast, a phenomenon occurs in the area of the small north camanchaca known as a very heavy fog.
Atacama has many attractions to know, salt flats, deserts, lakes, towns, mountains, unique fauna and cosmic energy that many people say they feel in this area. Today Atacama is one of the most attractive areas for tourists to know everyone.

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                        Torres del Paine Tour
The Torres del Paine National Parkreservations hotel accommodation, tours and excursions. The Torres del Paine is one of the most beautiful national parks around the world, is located in the XII Region of Chile, between the Andes and Patagonia, in the province of Ultima Esperanza call.

First get to the airport of Punta Arenas in Patagonia where we have lunch, to move to the city of Puerto Natales on a journey that lasts a little over three hours. and so the next day to visit the Torres del Paine National Park. Where Nature is the main attraction . in a little over 240,242 hectares, amazed by the variety of flora and fauna, with their heights and the diversity of its soils.

Among its attractions is that of recreational and sports activities, which range from rafting & rock climbing, but more entertaining are the hiking trail to cycle through the park, where we will find places to rest and admire the nature, of one of the most beautiful places on the planet.

                      Torres del Paine

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